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Aims and Objectives


Aims and Objectives

To serve as the official governing, regulating and operating body for the game of soccer at the youth level within the District of Fort Qu'Appelle and surrounding areas.

To be responsible at all levels of youth soccer competition up to the age of 19.

To foster and develop the game of soccer among the youth of our District.

To affiliate the Club to the official soccer governing body of Saskatchewan Soccer Association (S.S.A.) and to abide by their constitution and operating rules and regulations.

To raise funds to support and maintain soccer programs for the youth in our community.

To make all those involved in soccer in our community aware of the "Code of Conduct" of the Canadian Soccer Association and at all times endeavor to achieve the spirit espoused in the "Code of Conduct" by all players, parents, coaches and the executive board of the Fort Qu'Appelle Soccer Club.

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I. The Executive Board
       1. The Executive Board will conduct business between Annual Meetings. The President, 
           Vice-President and Treasurer will be elected annually at the Annual Meeting or at such times
           when a position needs to be filled.
       2. If an executive member absents himself or herself for three (3) regular meetings in
           succession, without just cause, he or she will be deemed to have resigned his or her
           position as a member of the Executive Board.
       3. The executive board will consist of the following positions:
                 i) President (elected)
                 ii) Vice-President (elected)
                 iii) Treasurer (elected)
                 iv) Facilities (appointed by elected members of Executive Board)
                 v) Equipment Manager (as per 2.c.iv.)
                 vi) Coaches Liaison (as per 2.c.iv.)
                 vii) Secretary/Registrar (as per 2.c.iv.)
                 viii) Fundraising Coordinator

II. Duties of the Executive Board
       1. President:
                 i) To chair executive meetings.
                 ii) To attend registration meetings.
                 iii) Attend organization meetings called by the District.
                 iv) Maintain contact with other associations.
                 v) Schedule and recruit referees.
       2. Vice-President:
                 i) To sit on Executive Board.
                 ii) To work closely with the President on all pertinent matters.
                 iii) To chair meetings in the absence of the President.
                 iv) To order and distribute team shirts at the start of the season.
                 v) Prepare and oversee the establishment and maintenance of bylaws and duties of the Executive Board.
       3. Treasurer:
                 i) To sit on Executive Board.
                 ii) Make all deposits from fees or fund-raising events.
                 iii) Payment of bills.
                 iv) Collect any delinquent fees with the assistance of the coaches.
                 v) Prepare financial statements.
                 vi) Apply for grants.
       4. Facilities:
                 i) To sit on Executive Board.
                 ii) Make sure agreements and schedules are in place for field usage for the season.
                 iii) General maintenance of field:
                             (a) Lining the field for mini and youth soccer about every 2-3 weeks.
                             (b) Fertilizing field as per arrangements with Bert Fox High School.
                 iv) Maintain good communication with High School reps.
                 v) Arrange bathroom facilities and have garbage bins for mini-soccer Saturdays.
       5. Equipment Manager:
                 i) To sit on executive committee.
                 ii) Distribute coaches kits at the beginning of the season.
                 iii) To make sure all equipment is returned at the end of the season.
                 iv) To oversee maintenance, design and replacement equipment as needed, including mini-soccer goals and nets.
                 v) To make sure nets are available on game days and that they are stored away afterwards.
       6. Coaches Liaison:
                 i) To sit on Executive Board.
                 ii) To report concerns of coaches and the District Discipline Committee.
                 iii) Distribute to coaches:
                              (a) Fair Play Codes.
                              (b) District regulations.
                              (c) Team choosing guidelines:
                                          - Each age group’s coaches shall meet together to chose players.
                                          - If a coach cannot attend they may send a representative.
                                          - If no rep. or coach is available team will be selected for them.
                                          - All children in each age group shall be divided based on skill, age and gender.
                                          - Coaches shall take turns choosing (for each round the order is reversed ((ie. 1,2,3,4 then 4,3,2,1,
                                             etc.)) until all players are chosen.
                 iv) To communicate information from executive committee to coaches.
                 v) To oversee scheduling for mini-soccer year end wind-up.
       7. Secretary / Registrar:
                 i) Record minutes of executive meetings.
                 ii) Type any correspondence required.
                 iii) Attend and compile registrations at the beginning of the season.
                 iv) Advertising and publicity.
                 v) Prepare notices for communication purposes.
                 vi) Maintain files for Fort Qu'Appelle Soccer Club.
       8. Fundraising Coordinator:
                 i) To sit on the Executive Committee.
                 ii) Coordinate canteen at wind-up.
                 iii) Coordinate fund-raising activities approved by the Executive Board.

III. Registration:
       1. Registration forms, deadlines for submission of forms and registration fees will be determined annually by the Executive 
       2. Proof of age of new players must accompany the registration form.
       3. Players must be properly registered (must have paid all fees) prior to their first game.

IV. Age Limits:
       Minimum age: 5 yrs of age as of December 31 of previous year.
              - Under 10 as of December 31 of the previous year - Mini Soccer.
              - Under 12 as of December 31 of the previous year - Youth Soccer.
              - Under 16 as of December 31 of the previous year - Youth Soccer.
              - Under 18 as of December 31 of the previous year - Youth Soccer.

V. Bylaws Amendments:
      1. Any amendments to the bylaws must be presented to the Executive Board, in writing, by August 31st of the current year.
      2. Bylaw changes would be voted on at the next Annual Meeting.

VI. Annual Meeting:
      - The date will be determined by the Executive Board.

VII. Financial:
      1. Financial statements will be adopted at the Annual Meeting.
      2. Fiscal year-end will be December 31st.
      3. Signing authority shall be given to the President, Vice-President and Treasurer. Two signatures will be required for each
          cheque issued.
      4. The Executive will adopt a budget at the beginning of the season and any expenditures outside of the budget must be
           approved by the Executive Board.
      5. There will be a $10.00 fee for all NSF cheques.
      6. All soccer fees must be paid at the time of registration.
      7. No player will be allowed to play until fees are paid in full (cheque cleared).
      8. Refund of Fees:
                  i)  SSA fees will not be refunded once submitted to the QVSA.
                  ii) T-shirt fees will not be refunded once ordered.
                  iii) Club fees will be refunded within 2 weeks of the first practice/game.

The registrar will notify the treasurer of any membership changes.
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